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Purchase Innosilicon T3 43 TH/s Bitcoin Miner

Purchase Innosilicon T3 43 TH/s Bitcoin Miner

Manufacturer: Innosilicon
Hashrate: 43 TH/s
Energy Cons: 2300 Watts
Minimum Order: 1 unit
Condition: New
Algorithm: SHA256
Cryptocurrency: BTC


Purchase Innosilicon T3 43 TH/s Bitcoin Miner

The Innosilicon Terminator 3 miner adopts innovative architecture to generate powerful SHA256 43TH/s (± 5%) hash rate with only 2100W (+/- 10%). The 48.83W/TH performance pushes the limit and will give you the unbeatable advantage in mining for the foreseeable future.

INNOSILICON T3 is designed to be the long-lasting product, with many improvement over its predecessors for longevity. It adopts state-of-the-art innovative dynamic frequency scaling technology and an extra cooling system for added efficiency and reliability.

  • T3-43T Miner Hashrate is 43TH/s (+/-5%)
  • Power consumption: 2100W ( +/- 10%, normal mode, at the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25°C temperature )
  • Built-in Web Management Portal – No separate host computer or software required
  • Most Power Efficient Bitcoin Miner: 48.83W/TH
  •  Click Here for Manufacturer Warranty information

Part Number / SKU: BLO-INMI-T343T

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We are working diligently with our supply chain on a solution. Unfortunately, this tariff is unavoidable as the CBP will prosecute any individual or company attempting to bypass the tariff. Thank you for your understanding. *