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Buy Goldshell HS6 SE

Buy Goldshell HS6 SE


Product Parameters
HNS Hashrate: 3.7TH/S±5% HNS Power: 3400W±5%
SC Hashrate: 8.2TH/S±5% SC Power: 2000W±5%
Dimensions w/o Packaging:   264x200x290(mm) Dimensions w/ Packaging:  370×260×430(mm)
Gross Weight: 12.1kg Net Weight: 11.5kg
Noise: ≤80db Connection: Ethernet
Voltage Input: 185-285V AC Operating Temp:0~35 ℃


Buy Goldshell HS6 SE

HS6 SE Is Manufactured By Goldshell And it’s mining Blake2b-sia + Handshake algorithm which running maximum hashrate of 8.2Th/s – 3.7Th/s for a power consumption of only SC2000W and HNS 3400W.

How do I get to Goldshell miner?

Get the IP of the miner and entering the miner’s dashboard

Visit in the browser. Google chrome is recommended. Click the corresponding icon in the setting column to enter the device dashboard.

How long does it take for Goldshell to ship?

Shipping date

It shall take you 5-7 business days to receive the package after you get the tracking number (except for some countries with lengthy customs clearance procedures.


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