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Purchase Goldshell SC BOX

Purchase Goldshell SC BOX

SC-BOX Parameters
Hashrate: 900GH/s(±5%) Wall Power: 200W(±5%)
Dimension(with packaging):
Operating Temp: 0~35 ℃ Net Weight: 2kg
Noise: ≤35db Connection: Ethernet


Purchase Goldshell SC BOX

The SC-BOX II Miner from Goldshell mines Siacoin with a maximum hashrate of 1900GH/s for a low power consumption of 400W.

The SC-BOX II is a simple operation miner which brings a high-quality experience with effortless user ability.

The SC Box II provides a new mining experience with two profitable performance modes. The default hash rate mode can help you earn more by providing a high hashrate, where as the low-power mode can help you save money due to reduced electricity costs.

This is your perfect miner for use at home or the office with low power consumption, higher hash rate, and reduced noise levels. This miner is energy-efficient, small in design and easy to mine anytime, anywhere.

The Goldshell SC-Box II supports both Ethernet and Wifi network connectivity.

Default Hashrate Mode: 1.9TH/S±5%

Default Hashrate Power: 400W±5%
Low-Power Mode: 1.45T/S±5%
Low-Power Mode: 260W±5%


Manufacturer Goldshell
Release February 2023
Dimensions 18*15*8.5CM
Noise 30db
Power 400 W (Default Mode)

260 W (Low Power Mode)

Wires PSU Optional
Interface Ethernet

Mineable coins:



How much does Goldshell Mini Doge make?
Period /day /month
Income $0.28 $8.26
Electricity -$0.67 -$20.13
Profit -$0.40 -$11.87


How much power does goldshell kd box use?

Goldshell KD Box Pro Kadena KDA Miner, 2.6TH/s Hashrate, Blake2s Algorithm, 230W Power Consumption, 110V-240V Power Supply, 35dB Noise Level, Ethernet Interface | KD Box Pro.
What payment does Goldshell take?
Goldshell will ONLY take Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC (ERC-20) as acceptable cryptocurrency due to business adjustment.
How much Dogecoin can be mined in a day?
Yes, as of September 7, 2022, there is no Dogecoin supply limit. But the reality is that 10,000 DOGE are mined every minute, which adds up to about 14.4 million DOGE per day, and over 5 billion DOGE per year added to the supply.