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Goldshell HS BOX

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Product Parameters
Hashrate:235GH/s(±5%) Wall Power:230W
Dimension(with packaging):
Operating Temp: 0~35 ℃ Net Weight: 2kg
Noise: ≤35db Connection: Ethernet


Buy Goldshell HS BOX

Buy Goldshell HS-BOX mini HNS crypto miner
Ever heard of profit in a box? That is what it is like having Goldshell’s HS-Box. It is one of the most amazing ASIC crypto miners when it comes to its size. That is also one of its most defining features since you can practically place this little miner anywhere you want. Whether it is your home or it is your office, this little profit maker is going to do its trick.
Its noise level is 35db which is quite low and is ideal to be used in any environment. Like all the standard models, it comes with the interface of Ethernet, which is what is required to run it. It has two fans which take care of the heat. Apart from that, its power consumption amounts to 235 GHz/s. Powered by two algorithms, Blake2B and SHA3, it allows the mining of Handshake and Sia coins.

Best Place To Buy Goldshell HS BOX

  • Sia Coin and Handshake coin can be mined
Manufacturer Goldshell
Model HS-BOX
Also known as HNS Box
Size 175x150x84mm
Weight 2000g
Noise level 35db
Fan(s) 2
Hashrate 235GH/s(-5%~+5%)
Power 230W
Algorithms Blake2B & SHA3
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 0 – 35 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %