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Transfer Fake BTC

Transfer Fake BTC

Performance of Fake Bitcoin Wallet

Fake Bitcoin Wallet’s Mobile Performance Score is:

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A Bitcoin wallet that allows you to store, send Bitcoin, receive Bitcoin and buy Bitcoin with focus on security and simplicity.


On BlueWallet, a bitcoin wallet you own you private keys. A Bitcoin wallet made by Bitcoin users for the community.


You can instantly transact with anyone in the world and transform the financial system right from your pocket.


Create for free unlimited number of bitcoin wallets or import your existing wallet. It’s simple and fast. Transfer Fake BTC




Here’s what you get:


1 – Security by design


Open Source

MIT licensed, you can build it and run it on your own! Made with ReactNative


Plausible deniability

Password which decrypts fake bitcoin wallets if you are forced to disclose your access


Full encryption

On top of the iOS multi-layer encryption, we encrypt everything with added passwords


Full node

Connect to your Bitcoin full node through Electrum


Cold Storage

Connect to your hardware wallet and keep your coins in Cold storage


2 – Focused on your experience


Be in control

Private keys never leave your device.
You control your private keys


Flexible fees

Starting from 1 Satoshi. Defined by you, the user



(RBF) Speed-up your transactions by increasing the fee (BIP125)


Watch-only wallets

Watch-only wallets allow you to keep an eye on your cold storage without touching the hardware.


Lightning Network

Lightning wallet with zero-configuration. Unfairly cheap and fast transactions with the best Bitcoin user experience.


Local Trader

A p2p Bitcoin Trading platform, that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin directly to other users without 3rd parties.


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