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Purchase Goldshell HS LITE

Purchase Goldshell HS LITE


Purchase Goldshell HS LITE

Product Parameters
HNS Hashrate: 1360GH/S(±5%) SC Hashrate: 2900GH/S(±5%)
HNS Wall Power: 1250W/h(±5%) SC Wall Power: 700W/h(±5%)
Dimension(with packaging):
Gross Weight: 9.8kg Net Weight: 8.1kg
Noise: ≤55db Connection: Ethernet
Voltage Input: 90-240V AC Operating Temp:0~35 ℃


Buy Best Goldshell HS Lite miner that can produce at a maximum of 2.9 TH/s hash rate with 700 W power consumption. Handshake, SiaCoin miner compatible with Handshake and Blake2B-Sia hashing algorithm.

Dedicated to start mining. Lightweight and noise reduction function. The HS Lite is specifically designed for home miners.

Powerful hashrate with the advanced noise reduction function.

Anywhere can be a mining site.

Purchase Goldshell HS LITE

goldshell-logoPurchase Goldshell HS LITE Miners are considered among the top crypto mining hardware companies when discussing high technology companies. The company was founded in 2017, and since then, it has continued to serve its client’s requirements.

Purchase Goldshell HS LITE has its head office in Shanghai, China. It has branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Hangzhou. After its establishment, the company has strived for positive growth and boosted its capabilities to perform better in the industry. They actively prefer the Research and Development (R&D) technology, and 70% of their core team members are involved in maximizing the percentage. All the employees working in the company have ten years of expertise in the field of Integrated Circuit(IC). The only goal they are seeking for them is to promote the blockchain industry with the introduction of heavy technical advancements and to be the pioneer of the cryptocurrency industry.

They are constantly attempting to increase their item potential and grow the abilities of their items to be the top level in the business. Their attention on working on the effectiveness of their items drove them to become one of the renowned brands in the industry. Their product line is designed to meet the requirements of all miners, including entry level, intermediate and professional.

They have the Lite series, the Box series, the helium hotspot, and customizable parts. Due to their great dealings with clients and reliable services, they have gathered the trust of plenty of people across the globe. Goldshell is considered a brand with the most profitability and affordability. The brand has successfully made a social presence on many social media platforms, such as Twitter and Telegram. It solidified Goldshell’s relations with its customers and made it number one.